What to Know about Kids, Helmets, and Winter Sports

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Kids don’t stop moving even when snow starts to fly and the temperature drops. When the streets are covered in snow, make sure you are still practicing safety measures to prevent an injury. In 2013, more than 47,000 children were treated in emergency departments for injuries related to sledding, ice skating and snowboarding, and the vast majority of these injuries were preventable.

One important way to prevent head injuries is to wear a helmet. Winter sport helmets are designed to not only protect your noggin’, but to also keep it warm. Many models have ear covers and insulation so you don’t have to pick between safety and warmth. If you’ve hit Utah slopes lately, you’ll notice that helmets are also popular! Here are some other winter safety tips.

  • Always wear sport-specific, properly fitting safety gear when participating in winter sports.
  • Kids should always wear helmets when they ski, sled, snowboard, and play ice hockey. There are different helmets for different activities.
  • Parents should wear helmets, too. Remember, your children learn safety habits by watching you.
  • Dress in layers and wear warm, close fitting clothes. Make sure that long scarves are tucked in so they don’t get entangled in lifts, ski poles, or other equipment.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink fluids before, during, and after winter play.
  • Kids who become distracted or irritable or begin to hyperventilate, may be suffering from hypothermia or altitude sickness, or they may be too tired to participate safely in winter sports. Take a break, go indoors to warm up and rest.
  • Children under 6 should not ride a snowmobile, and nobody under 16 should drive one. All snowmobile drivers and passengers should wear helmets designed for high-speed motor sports. A bike helmet isn’t sufficient for a four-wheeled motorcycle that can go up to 90 miles per hour.

Which Helmet To Use

Activity Type of Helmet Applicable Standard(s)**


Ski Helmet ASTM F2040

CEN 1077

Snell RS-98 or S-98

Snowmobiling Snowmobile Helmet DOT FMVSS 218

Snell M-2000

  • **Look for a label or other marking stating that the helmet complies with an applicable standard listed in this column.
  • A specific helmet has not been designed for the following two activities, until such a helmet exists, wearing one of the three listed types of helmet is preferable to wearing no helmet at all.
Activity Type of Helmet Applicable Standard(s)
Ice Skating


Bicycle Helmet CPSC, ASTM F1447

Snell B-90/95 or N-94

Skateboard Helmet ASTM F1492

Snell N-94

Ski Helmet ASTM F2040

CEN 1077

Snell RS-98 or S-98

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